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September 2005
Trinity Tweens
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September 19, 2005

Tonight was our first night of Trinity Tweens.
We had a great turnout, with fourteen kids!

We read the story The Good Samaritan , and discussed what it meant in our lives.  We talked about different people in need, and ways that we could help.


We enjoyed a wonderful snack...


We made glittery nametags to hang on the wall...


We wrote letters and made cards for Ashley, who is undergoing treatments for cancer...


We made friendship bracelets for children living in a shelter after Hurricane Katrina...


We're showing off many of the things that we made...


Our first night at Tweens was lots of fun!  We're all looking forward to coming back next week!

September 26
We had another great turnout, with most of the same kids from last week, and a couple of new kids. 


We learned about many Canadian kids who are battling cancer and other illnesses.  We made Thanksgiving cards for them, and let them know we are praying for them...


We learned about baby Alicia, who just went home after having a heart transplant.  We made heart shaped cards, and started working on a blanket for her...

Baby Alicia


We decorated frames for our pictures, to hang on our bulletin board...


Emily especially enjoyed the great music, which was a CD from Vacation Bible School...


We had another wonderful afternoon, learning about lots of people who we can reach out to and pray for.