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Trinity Tweens
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February 2006

February 6
Once again we continued working on our heart pillows.  Maryann and Marcia will do the finishing touches at home, and they will be taken to the kids at the hospital.  We have really enjoyed our sewing experience!


We worked on some Valentine's Day cards for the Hug a Bug kids, and also some Get Well cards for some people we know.


Instead of bracelets, we used beads to make some friendship pins.  Jessie was very creative, and shared some cool ideas with her friends!


We have our own bulletin board!  On it we have pictures of ourselves, in frames that we decorated with foam shapes.  We also have pictures of the many people we have supported.  Some of them have sent thank you notes, which are also displayed on our board.  When you come in, take a minute to have a look.


February 13
This afternoon we had a special guest leading our group.  Janet, Kirsten's mom, came to show us how to decorate cakes.  We all had a few cupcakes to decorate, and we had tons of fun!!  They sure were delicious!!   Thanks so much, Janet!!

February 20
We had another visitor this afternoon.  Stephen came to help us to do some woodworking.  Our church is collecting gently used tools to donate to people who are in need of some tools.  We started making tool boxes to put them in. 
So far we have sanded the wood and glued it together.  Next week we will start painting them.  We all decided we want to make some for ourselves, too.  We would like to thank Spence Lumber for donating the scraps of wood we used to make the tool boxes.

We also continued working on our blankets, made some cards for some people who could use some support, and made a big thank you card for Janet.

February 27
We have such exciting news this week.  One of our Hug a Bug friends will officially be off treatment for cancer in a week!!  We are making her a special blanket to congratulate her for being such a brave girl and a true hero!  You can visit Katie here...




We made Katie some cards of congratulations, too.  It's so wonderful to get to be a part of something so exciting!


As always, we also made cards for some people who could use our prayers.


Crocheting only LOOKS easy!  :o)


We painted our tool boxes this afternoon.  They will be sprayed when the paint is dry, and then they'll be ready to be donated to the people who need them.   We will post the pictures of the final works of art next week!





Emily, our resident Dancing Queen!!