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Trinity Tweens

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Trinity Tweens


Who: 8-12 year old girls and boys

Where: Trinity Anglican Church

When: Mondays from 4-6pm

Leaders: Marcia Talbot and Maryann Pinsent


Objective: To provide an outreach program for preteens to be involved in, by reaching out to people in need in Bradford and in the world all around us.


We will share in a snack that will be provided by a different parent each week.


We will have stations set up with areas to create cards and gifts to be sent to people in need.  Some crafts will be individual, while others will be group efforts.


Who will we be reaching out to?

Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Children with life threatening or chronic illnesses

Families who use the food bank

Families who attend the weekly community dinners

Residents of the Seniors’ home

Our foster child in Guatemala

Children in the orphanages in Guatemala and Columbia

People in the church/community who are sick and/or in need of extra prayers

Any other groups we decide we would like to reach out to



The cost to parents will be donations to the food bank.


Please contact Marcia for further details, at 775-2184, or .



Please visit us here, to see what fun we've been having each week!